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Patt’s latest book, “Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain”, won two First Place Gold Medals in Health, and placed second in Self-help.


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Patt on Science and Spirituality of the Mind and Brain

Patt Lind-Kyle talks about the integration of science and spirituality with respect to the mind and brain working together to arrive at a sense of who we are.  Patt is interviewed by Dr Emmett Miller.

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A New Workshop by Patt Lind-Kyle in Nevada County

Patt’s pre-publication workshop of her new book Learning to Die: An Awakening Process is full and registration is closed.

For current workshop participants, visit monthly.

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"I just finished your wonderful book, Heal my mind, Rewire my brain!!
Thank you for such a great book, and all the info to learn and grow!
 P.S. I am planning to get your cd’s as well." – J
"Wow - I am so excited about your book! I am only into page 85 or so, but I love understanding how the brain works and it is helpful in terms of understanding what is going on with Dominic (our son) and his dopamine and serotonin related disorders." – LB-B
"Hi Patt, thank you for another amazing session. Theta is so deep for me it is like having a dream that makes sense while you are having it but as soon as you wake up it is just gone. So being able to listen to everything - wow!" – KM
"I want to thank you for your book and CDs. I listen to them regularly and they have helped change my mind ... my processing and my stress. If I wake up in the middle of the night I listen to these CDs also. It has a definite effect on me that is different from my other meditations." – LG
"I've been busy tapping away my old habits this weekend and have been flooded with insights. Thank you so much for a very thoughtful and sensitive week. I am very enthusiastic about putting what I've learned into action." – MK
"Thanks Patt for your inspiration and exquisite presence. Strange how we always need to be remembered to do what is most important." – NSA
"I love your meditation classes!" – ML
"Thank you Patt for the wonderful work that you did with me. I have since taken the online enneagram test and it has awakened me." – JS