I am Patt Lind-Kyle the author of Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying and Awakening. I would like to share with you some ways to use this book as both a personal and group process. This guide is for both individuals and for people reading, experiencing and exploring the book within a group.

I chose to create this facilitator guide because I know how difficult it is for most of us to talk about the end of life, what we fear about dying and how challenging it is to face our own death alone.  As I was writing the book, my question became, “How do we create community to face this challenge of exploring our death, and what is the best way for people to use this book?” I’ve designed this guide as an answer to these two questions and to give you some examples to help you get started on this journey. But before we begin on this journey of exploration let me give some background and overview to the book.

Thank for purchasing this guide.  I hope it serves you and your groups well.

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