For a short overview of her newest book Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying and Awakening, listen as Patt describes the two major parts of the book.

Part I: Embracing is bowing to the honor of a very natural cycle

In Part I , Patt notes that “embracing” is “holding, accepting, caring for, preparing for, … embracing is honoring death as a very natural cycle.”

Part II: The Journey to Dying and Awakening – the Journey to Freedom

In Part II, Patt describes A Journey into Dying and Awakening as the Journey to Freedom.  Listen as Patt highlights the path to freedom and insights from the Dalai Lama on preparing for death.

My wish for you ~ a most beautiful experience, one you have been wanting all your life

Listen as Patt shares her sincerest wish for each of us as we prepare for our own dying process through her book and work.

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