Thank you Pat for a very powerful, helpful experience. The meditations and introduction to the tapping technique are priceless “tools” for me to use on a daily basis. Both are helping me to heal and to know joy and happiness. Thank you ever so much, CJ

At the meditation retreat in May at the Wakefield Inn, Coraa let everyone know she was going on a 2-month trip to Australia and Thailand this summer. She knew the trip would be a challenge. She likes certainty and knew this kind of travel would not be full of certainty. She took off on June 24! Her first week was a scary/anxious one for her. The person she planned to travel with arrived 2 days late, it was colder than she expected and she was new at the hostel scene. So what did she do? She started to meditate! And…it worked to calm and center her each day. As she wrote to me, “I’m doing well – I’m not upset or anxious at all. Mediation is really helping I do it every morning when I wake up even if I don’t want to.” This e-mail is to thank each of you for your part in the Meditation Retreat, from set up and delivery to participation. You have supported Coraa in altering the experience of her travels. Not to mention, I can breathe now that she is doing well! With all my heart, thank you!

I was so excited about having the opportunity to attend a workshop of Patt Lind-Kyle. The workshop was ideal for me because there was a big component that focused on the science behind how the brain works and how different meditations work on different parts of the brain. How fascinating! Patt is a compassionate and inspiring teacher and during the retreat I learned valuable meditation techniques that I can use for myself but also practical tips that I can use with my clients in my executive coaching business. As a result of the workshop, I’m definitely a little more calm, cool, and collected in this chaotic do-more-with-less always-on kind of world!

Just wanted to let it out. I just finished your book today, loved it and couldn’t put it down. Fantastic and very encouraging. Thank you for the information and tools, I am now on my way to rewiring my brain. I love the fact that you have the meditations to follow the book, what an incredibly great idea. I will be purchasing the CD very soon, thanks again, Blessings, Frank Espinosa

The best part of the session was: Patt. The exposure to a new way to meditate, and the connection of meditation to healing and rewiring. The chance to practice frequently during the session. And the suggestions of things to practice after the session. There is a lot of content here in Pat’s model/approach, but it was amazingly well-packaged into quite a coherent, well-sequenced and well-paced “course”. Doing the pre-read was an important prior step to not feeling overwhelmed. Having some important realizations about myself and connecting with a new friend.

I just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed your program and have been highly recommending your book and meditation Cd’s to the other Volunteers here. I have been using the EFT tapping since Tuesday and have downloaded your meditations and I am feeling very emotionally balanced. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Kind Regards, Sara Robertson

On so many levels, I got a lot out of the weekend. It was great. I have changed my meditation practice…to a daily ritual…feeling happier and more centered. Thanks for all the coordination and for making this type of retreat possible! I was honored to be a part of it!

For the last few years, I’ve struggled with “trying” to meditate on my own. And now I have finally unleashed the secret. I have the guiding voice from Patt Lind-Kyle’s CD “Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain”- it’s like having her with me in the room, helping guide me to a more relaxed meditative state. I have been using the guided meditations multiple times a week and it has been incredible. I now “make the time” to do it as I see the direct benefits of my “calmness” in the storm of a busy life. I highly recommend Patt’s Book and CD (both called ‘Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain’) but if you ever get a chance to go to a retreat or work with her directly, jump at the opportunity!

Last night I spent time with my “sisterhood” of six ladies, two of whom attended the workshop (Nicole St. Amour and Carol Morgan). Those who could not attend were really sorry that they had to miss it, and Nicole said that “Patt has a real gift.” She went on to say (and I am paraphrasing) that Patt helps you understand the science and practical aspects behind the actual meditation practice so that it can be more readily presented to others. Carol was equally complimentary. Very great feedback for a life-changing event. Thanking you again, Patt & David, from the bottom of my heart. Love, Heather Partner, Generative Leadership Group

I just finished reading Heal Your Mind, Rewire your Brain and found it so inspiring, and full of extremely helpful information. You present the brain’s structure and its waves in a straightforward manner that is easy for a lay person, like me, to grasp. – Elizabeth Millar