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MyDirectivesI recently discovered a very practical tool for preparing a personalized advance care plan online through MyDirectives makes your emergency, critical and advance care desires readily available through your mobile device and computer.  It is free, easy and always available.

A personalized online emergency, critical and advance care plan

MyDirectives is the first completely digital emergency, critical and advance care planning service that is secure, easy to understand, and free to consumers to use.  MyDirectives and MyDirectives MOBILE are services offered by ADVault, Inc., a privately held U.S. corporation dedicated to ensuring that emergency first responders, doctors, nurses and caregivers always have access to the most important voice in healthcare – yours.

Everything you need for a 21st century emergency medical care plan is in’s award-winning Universal Advance Digital Directive (uADD)™.    You can complete it in minutes or take as long as you need to feel confident.  MyDirectives is an online application “app” that helps you create your own emergency, critical and advance care plan for your family and doctors so they can make decisions on your behalf.

MyDirectives makes it easy to create a state-of-the-art emergency, critical and advance care plan. You can answer questions in your own words or pick from a selection of the most common answers. Add your thoughts with as much detail as you wish. You can even add your own video responses.

Mobile app - MyDirectivesThrough MyDirectives and MyDirectives MOBILE, ADVault helps consumers record their medical treatment wishes, preferences regarding palliative and hospice care, organ donation, and autopsy, and other critical personal information both on the device, and in the format, that is most convenient and comfortable for them. MyDirectives then works with personal health record and electronic medical record vendors, as well as healthcare providers and payers, to make all of that information securely available on demand, whenever and wherever needed.

Then when needed, MyDirectives are easy to share.You can share your emergency care plan with anyone at any time. Hospitals that link to MyDirectives can access your care plan when you are admitted.  You can also download the MyDirectives MOBILE™ app to add your own video statement to your profile.

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