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I would like to respond to your interest in a taking a meditation class. But first as a way for you to determine if this is the right time for you to take a meditation class please ask yourself,

“Why do I want to take a meditation class at this time in my life?” 

When I asked that of myself, other questions came to mind:

  • “Will learning new forms of meditation more deeply connect me with my heart and be more aware of the Spirit or Self within?”
  • “How will it help me reduce the stress and inner conflict that builds up in my daily life.”
  • “How can I train my mind to be more consciously aware of interrupted thoughts when I’ve tried to meditate.”
  • “Will meditation prepare me for death?” This last question I asked myself is important because it is about confronting death. The Dali Lama says that at the time of death if one’s mind is concentrated enough we will not be pulled in all directions by fear and panic. This he says will be the gift of calmness and peace you give yourself as you die. In this deeper state that meditation teaches us we then may merge with the pure light energy.
  • So, as you decide whether this is the time to learn a deeper path of meditation consider these same questions for you.

praying mantisAre your answers to these the questions leading you to commit to learning a stronger meditation practice?

The meditation tools I provide will be to train our minds to release deep-seated patterns that arise from the brain’s electrical-chemical interactions. We will be working with the fundamental principles of intention, attention and focus as these are the foundation of meditation along with receptivity and awareness. Part of the practice is the importance of learning how to listen to your self.

Would you like to go deeper in your practice?

If you do, together we can create a strong intention of going deeper in our group practice. We will experience being in the flow of meditating the way the brain works.

The general intentions for this meditation class are to open to;

  1. The realization that your thoughts are creating tension in the mind and body and how you can reduce the tension.
  2. Experience that your body is not who you really are and find out who you are.
  3. Learn how to experience direct insights for your life.
  4. Experience consciously the difference between your expanded self and your constricted self.

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If you want to attend we will start with four sessions. The sessions will be four Thursday mornings Oct 25 to November 15 at 10:30 am to 11:45.

It is important to have my book Heal Your Mind Rewire Your Brain and the CD that goes with it. The CD is for your daily practice. The book will provide understanding for your practice. If you don’t have them you can order them on my website. For more information visit – Heal Your Mind Rewire Your Brain  or  to purchase, click on “Shop – MP3s”.

The heart of any spiritual teaching is the concept of receiving and giving. So I am asking for a donation at the end of each session.

If you are interested in the class please contact me either by email or phone for a conversation. If you are not interested in the meditation class at this time please send me an email that you will not be attending.

Timing and commitment are important elements of deepening a meditation practice. For those of you interested in the class I want to connect and provide more clarity to you about the class as I am asking for participation and commitment for all four sessions. At that conversation if you commit to the four session I will then send you directions to my meditation cottage.

Patt Lind-Kyle

530 478-9622

praying mantes

I like this quote from Sogyal Rinpoche, a Tibetan teacher, about training the mind.

“Training” the mind does not in any way mean forcibly subjugating or brainwashing the mind. To train the mind is first to directly and concretely know how the mind functions, a knowledge that you derive from spiritual teachings and through personal meditation practice. Then you use the understanding to tame the mind and work with it skillfully, to make it more pliable, so you can become a master of your mind and employ it to its fullest and most beneficial end.”

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I imagine you know that love is the answer for all that we face in life.  But the key question is, do you know how to open to your power of love? This question is especially important now in these conflicting times with the intense human, social and political drama, as well as gun terror, drug overdoses affecting so many, and even the possibility of world disaster?  There seems to be so much fear, pain and suffering we face today in our lives. Can love really help us?

All this fear and suffering in the outer world not to mention our personal inner struggles creates continuing stress and anxiety. What about your fearful thoughts and emotions? Many of us project our anger out at our world with the fear of being a victim, or we project inwardly feeling unworthy and filling our being with guilt and shame. It is these inner and outer fears and struggles that cause us to lose awareness of our heartfelt power of love.

Hafiz, the thirteen century Sufi master and poet, said, “Fear is the cheapest room in the house, I would like to see you in better living conditions.” How can we create better living conditions with our heart power?  The HeartMath Institute in California has done some amazing research on our heart. When you place your conscious attention on your heart it generates five thousand times more electromagnetic energy than your brain. The electromagnetic signals generated by the heart have the capacity to affect others around you. Heart rhythms reflect inner emotional states and stress. Focusing on the heart alters your emotional state via the neurological input from the heart to the brain. The more you are in your heart the more it changes the brain in a positive way. Researchers describe this coherence between the heart and brain, the “heart/brain”

The call within us and by the challenges of the circumstances around us daily is to open our heart to regain our love power and to release our fearful projections so that the power of love fills our heart/brain.

Forgiveness is the energy of the heart that releases the deepest fears that binds negativity to us. Forgiveness can dissipate these cords of negativity. The negative bindings will naturally dissipate if they are not held together by the negativity of our mind. The practice of forgiveness gives us back the power of our heart to love.

A friend and meditation teacher, Doug Kraft, suggests that there are three drivers that generate our need for forgiveness:

  • When you do not fully understand a situation.
  • When you are overcome by remorse and guilt.
  • When your behavior violates your values.

These three drivers lead to four simple forgiveness meditation phrases:

  • I forgive (myself, the other or group) for not understanding)
  • I forgive (myself, the other or group) for making mistakes.
  • I forgive (myself, the other or group) for hurting (myself, the other or group)
  • I forgive (myself, the other or group) for not following (my, your, their) deepest values.

Whatever blocks your heart of love today use these four meditation phrases to release your heart love energy. As you work with these forgiveness statements focus on the feeling at your heart center, breathe deeply and let the power of your heart/brain release you to your power of love.

Also, below is a powerful video from my book Embracing The End of Life: A Journey into Dying and Awakening. This is a forgiveness meditation video that will assist you in this process of awakening to your heart now. This video meditation uses the chakra color and brain wave frequencies embedded in the sound frequency of the color itself. To watch the color listen to the guided questions with your eyes half open. Put your attention and focus on listening to what you are experiencing inside yourself. This will allow the color to naturally enter into your unconscious as you have your eyes slightly open. If after a period of time your eyes close that is okay. I suggest at the end of the video to write about your experience. The more you write the more will come to your mind from your unconscious into your heart. Click the white arrow on the video image to view.  For full screen viewing click the 4 arrows icon next to Vimeo in the lower right of the video.

Green 4 – Forgiveness Meditation; Green 4 Embracing the End of Life Part II: A Journey to Freedom from Patt Lind-Kyle on Vimeo.

To find the 16 videos that accompany my book click here for Meditations on my website. They are free.
For more on my latest book visit Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying & Awakening.

May the power of forgiveness fill your heart/brain with love!

Lilies for Love

An Important Tool for Living and Dying

I have discovered a tool that increases my vitality as well as prepares me for death. It is a tool that has reduced my stress, increased my happiness, lets me sleep deeper, lowers blood pressure, reduces pain, improves my brain function, builds my immune system, halts anxiety and ultimately prepares me for death. If you have already used this tool, then you will know why I praise it so highly.

This tool is meditation. Meditation is an important practice for your personal tool box. It is a gift for you in this day of growing stress and tension that affects us on so many levels. Imagine what a daily meditation practice could do for your busy life? Meditation can reduce the body/mind/emotional tightness from stress and anxiety that sometimes makes your life difficult when you get stuck by the issues and concerns you face. This stress may be from your daily experience of too much traffic, hearing the negative news, complex family situations, meeting the needs of children, challenging activities at work, texting, phone conversations, computer time and much more.  All of this creates a level of tension that builds up day after day.

Patt Lind-Kyle, author, teacher, consultant - tools for meditation

A daily meditation practice interrupts this building up of tension.  Meditation reduces anxiety, stress, or pain that can create your high blood pressure, emotional distress and mental negativity. One of the most important things that meditation provides is a means to train your mind how to let go of your stress and relax your inner tension.

What most people do not realize is that a meditation practice also prepares you for the dying process. To be truthful, meditation is a type of dying. Meditation guides you to release tension as you die and meditation guides you to release your life.

If you have not had some form of a regular meditation practice it will be difficult for your mind to let go during the last stages of your dying process. In fact, you will want to desperately hang on to live and fight against the most natural process we all will experience. Many of us in this state of resistance will try any and all medical technology to keep us alive. The value of a meditation practice trains you to release and let go.

The fruit of meditation allows you to move into open space; a place that everyone has underneath all your tension. Meditation opens you into a boundary-less state of knowing that you are free. In this knowing there is freedom within. We look everywhere for this freedom, but you already have what you have been searching for inside you. You have the connection of calm, peace and inner presence. All the answers are inside you and once you have found them you have the ability to express this freedom and joy in everyday life. With this freedom you are now prepared to die in peace.

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Tool for meditation - Click to order meditation CDs

Click to order meditation CDs

If you don’t have a meditation practice or you want to explore another form of meditation with my recent book, Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain. It teaches you how to meditate the way your brain works. Along with the book I created a two set CD (along with downloads) that guides you into your own brain states using binaural beats, music and guided direction. If you have difficulty sleeping many people use the section of delta meditation to go into deep sleep. If you are interested please go to my website for more information and how to order the book and CDs.

On September 8th my new book, Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying and Awakening, will be published. For those in the Nevada County region of California, you are invited to a publishing event with a talk and book signing  at Esterly Hall in Grass Valley. The venue is downstairs in the Nevada County Board of REALTORs  office off  Whispering Pines at 336 Crown Point Circle, Grass Valley, CA 95945. The event is from 5:30 to 7pm. Please come and be part of the celebration.

Patt Lind-Kyle

Yes you CAN teach your brain new tricks!

Yes you CAN teach your brain new tricks!

Retraining Your Inner “Old Dog”: Yes, You Can Change Your Life…But First You Must-Literally-Change Your Mind.
Most of us believe that there are aspects of ourselves and the way we fit into the world that can’t be changed, whether we like it or not. But what if that’s not the case after all? Author Patt Lind-Kyle promises that you can change your life (and literally rewire your brain!) through a method that has been around for millennia: meditation.

If you’re like most people, you’re dissatisfied with some area of your life. Perhaps you’re stuck in a dead-end job or an unfulfilling relationship. Maybe you’re deep in debt from compulsive spending, or you abuse substances, or you habitually overeat. Or it could be that you just feel unhappy in general: anxious, stressed, depressed, or chronically angry. But no matter how fervently you vow to stop your unhealthy behaviors or change your attitude, you find yourself backsliding-eating another doughnut, sneaking another cigarette, or dwelling on the painful memories that make you miserable.

Maybe life has to be this way, you find yourself thinking. Maybe unhappiness is just a big part of the human condition. Maybe the best we can hope for is to distract ourselves from time to time and just try to endure. Sure it’s a bleak outlook, but isn’t it also a realistic one?

“Absolutely not,” asserts Patt Lind-Kyle, author of Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain: Applying the Exciting New Science of Brain Synchrony for Creativity, Peace and Presence (Energy Psychology Press, 2009, ISBN: 1604150564) and mind training guide whose voice appears on the book’s companion CDs. “It is possible to change your life in any way you want to change it. But first you have to understand what’s at the root of your problems: your mind and the way it directs your brain to function-basically, where you place your attention.”

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Who’s in Charge of Your Life?

If you want to get what you want in life and make life changes, your brain is the one in charge. To take charge of your life you need to know how your brain works. If you want to change jobs, find a partner, make more money, deepen your spiritual practice or heal from an illness learn to use the resources of your brain. Once you learn to instruct your brain what you want, it will follow your instructions. Continuing brain research sheds light on how the brain works and is giving us the tools to use our brain functions more effectively.

Amazing New Research

For example, research being done by neuroscientist Dr. Adrian Owen at the University of Cambridge in England opens up fascinating insights of how to use our brain. Dr. Owen’s research is with people who are comatose and appear to be brain dead. This means they are still breathing but do not respond to any outward stimulus. The question Dr Owen had was whether patients that do not respond to outward stimulus still have inward mental awareness.

To answer this question Dr. Owen studied a woman patient who had been in a vegetative state for five months due to a traffic accident. When Dr Owen examined her and shined light in her eyes there was no response and when he talked to her there no response. Outwardly, all he could perceive was that she was just breathing. Given no outward reaction he wanted to know if her brain was conscious and aware and was she still registering internal listening?

Dr. Owen decided to find out what was going on inside her brain. His plan was to use a new brain stethoscope to register brain response in the pre motor cortex area of the brain. Before his patient was put into the brain machine he first spoke to her and described to her verbally what he was going to do and what he wanted her to do. Of course there was no response from her. When she was placed in the machine he whispered in her ear, “Imagine you are at Wimbledon at the tennis courts and you are at the back line to serve the ball.” He then asked her to imagine playing tennis for a short time and then stop and relax.

As Dr. Owen observed on the monitor the woman’s brain functions he was amazed at what he saw in the activity of her brain. The brain lit up with activity in the pre motor cortex that controls physical activity. The pre motor cortex lit up and then stopped as she imagined playing tennis and as she imagined being relaxed just as Dr. Owen had instructed her. The brain thought she was really playing tennis. Dr Owen said, “The brain activity was just like a healthy patient who was very conscious and aware.”

We see the same brain patterns in conscious, awake people who imagine similar scenes as the patient. The conclusion of this research is that even though there is no outward patient sensual responses the brain is still active and the patient is still internally conscious. We now know from this research and others that there is a place in the brain that is stimulated when you imagine and the brain functions as though you are actually doing it physically.

What Does Dr. Owen’s Research Have to Do with You Getting What You Want?

The philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti said, “One may be surrounded by great beauty, by mountains and fields and rivers, but unless one is alive to it all, one might just as well be dead.” To be “alive to it all” happens when you surrender your body to your environment and become aware to the outer world through your sensations? Often when we let go to all our sensations there is a feeling of revitalization, a relaxation and a perception of being in the moment. Remember: the brain doesn’t know any difference between what you physically experience and what you imagine.

So, take a moment now as you read this, to imagine yourself being in a beautiful countryside with all the colors and sensations of nature. Imagine the openness of the blue sky, textures of the green trees, the plants, and the smell of fresh air. For a moment close your eyes and just soak it in. As you imagined the scene your brain became very active giving you that experience as though you were actually physically in that scene. Notice if you were revitalized and energized by that quick imagining. If not, do it again, relax your body and focus deeply on the visual sensations.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between the sensations from the outside world or your inner imagination. Both the inner and outer sensations of visual, auditory, smell, touch and taste are run by the alpha brain waves. (Remember Alpha waves are one of the four primary brain waves) Dr. Owen’s patient’s brain responded to the instructions to play tennis and her sensory brain waves enabled her to play tennis as though she was actually on the court.

Dr. Owen’s and other research demonstrates that you can imagine in your life what you want to create by using the imagined sensations of your Alpha waves to activate your brain and then manifest in the real world as you imagine it. But you must use all of your sensations to lite up your brain. In my own life recently I imagined that I wanted more meditation clients. I sat and imagined that I heard a car coming down the road to my meditation cottage. I saw a person through the window and then knocking on the door. I felt the knob on my hand as I opened the door. I smelled the fresh air as I opened the door and saw the person coming through the door and sitting down. In a matter of months I had a wonderful group of clients by using my alpha brain waves and telling my brain what I wanted.

So, How Do You Do It?

First of all remember that the brain wants consistency and repetition to produce change. Set up a daily schedule where you practice imagining with the Alpha waves once a day either in the morning or evening. Then do the following:

  1. Relax your body to activate the Alpha Brain Waves. You can use the Relaxation track of my CD Heal Your Mind Rewire Your Brain. The track has subliminal, binaural beats that help you go quickly into the Alpha state.
  2. Then imagine what you want by using all the sensations in your imaginary scene as I did for myself in the example above. Use sensations of visual, auditory, smell, touch and taste.
  3. Do this relaxation and imagining every day until you begin to have the results you want. Don’t force the change, or be attached mentally to the out come. Let your imagining do it.
  4. As you complete each session, offer gratitude for what you have received to keep the process going.

As you begin to see the results for what you want in your life unfold don’t hesitate to use your Alpha Brain Waves to open up more intentions in your life. Enjoy.

Patt Lind-Kyle Prepare to Die - Awakening process

Interview: Interweaving the Brain, Meditation and EFT

Patt was recently interviewed by Lisa Bacon and Marion Allen at EFTUniverse. Together they discuss the brain and meditation interwoven with EFT. Listen to audio of the interview below, or download the Mp3.

Audio: Interview with Gabriella Kortsch

Gabriella KortschIn this interview with Gabriella Kortsch of BlogTalk Radio, Patt and Peggy Rubin,  discuss Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain and training ourselves in order to re-pattern behavior and hence change the way our brain is wired. This positively impacts on suffering and stress, sharpens mental abilities, and corrects cognitive imbalances.  Listen to Gabriella Kortsch’s interview with Patt.

What is left when we overcome our negative thoughts?

In this hour-long interview with Tazz and Paula of Embracing Mother Earth on Blog Talk Radio, Patt discusses:

Can we remove the automatic negative thoughts from the brain (overcoming the default system)?

What is Patt’s personal story behind her book, Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain?

What led Patt to do her 18 months of research to write this book?

Did Patt’s negative thoughts go away during her meditation retreat?

What is left when we overcome our negative thoughts?

How was it for Patt to come back to “normal” reality after her retreat?

What brainwave state is best for decision-making?

How did Patt choose to study at the California Institute of Integral Studies?

How does meditation affect the immune and endocrine systems?

Can feeling gratitude, empathy and love change one’s brainwaves?

What programs are available for teenagers?

What are some practical exercises someone can do to bring on the calm, alpha state?

Are there some states of meditation that are deeper than others?

Where does Patt offer workshops to teach this work?

What are the spiritual implications of this work?

Can we take the effects of this work with us when we die?

What brainwave state are we working in when we rewire the brain?

How do the companion CD’s assist with the rewiring of the brain?

What is the “Face it, Embrace it, Erase it” process and what techniques are involved?

How does brain rewiring actually work?

What if someone is not aware of the issue that is causing problems?

What role does past conditioning play in rewiring the brain?

What is the best time of day to learn?

Is it possible to stop using stress for energy?

Guiding Signs 101

Your Road To Success

I imagine that most of us want to be successful at least once in our life. Each of us defines success in our own way. My question for you is, “What does success mean for you?” Take a moment to remember a time when you were successful.  Was it passing a life test like completing college, getting the job you wanted, or making a great deal?  Whatever the form of success it required you to make a major decision.   How did you make that decision? What was the technique you used to make the decision and are you always successful with the final result using that technique?

According to the latest brain research, making a decision does not come from our thinking, rational, conscious brain that is in the cortex at the crown of our head. Actually, we just rationalize our decisions from the cortex by using our fast beta brain waves. The basic function of the cortex is used to carry out, strategize, rationalize, and plan for the decisions you make.  What is interesting is that more than half the decisions we make are made deep inside the brain in the limbic system in the emotional brain that is run by slower theta brain waves. This area of the brain is also where the subconscious mind resides. The key question is, how do we by pass the cortex and find the real area of the brain that gives us the true answers to our questions and make the key decisions for our success in life?

One way to slow down your brain waves to make decisions as wells as get incredible insight for your life is to use my Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain CD’s. On the fourth track of the CD is the theta meditation. It is called the Wisdom Meditation, which is designed to help you make decisions and gain insight and “wisdom” for your life. For example, two of my clients used the wisdom meditation to create an incredible and fun way to activate your intuition and make decisions. Kathleen and Erin were inspired to create a set of “oracle” type cards to help people make practical decisions and trust their intuition. The theta wisdom meditations guided them every step of the way in the development of the cards. When they didn’t know what to do next on the project they stopped what they were doing and used the wisdom meditation CD track to guide them to ask questions. By going into the theta mind state it sharpened their intuition and understanding as to what to do next with the project. The result of this work together was a fun new approach that lets you make your decisions so much easier and find out lots about your inner world.

They call their intuition and decision process: Guiding Signs 101. It is a box set of cards with an interpretive manual based on road sign images, like Stop and Go, Exit, Road Crossing, School, No Turn, etc. These wonderfully creative cards are guidance cards for a smooth ride on your life’s journey.  I highly recommend them because they really develop the power of our own intuitive decision making ability. We know that the power to make the small and large decisions of our lives comes from inside of us not outside.  A fun anonyomous quote I found is, “If you go within you won’t have to go without.”  These cards and the process for using them are an easy way to accesses those intuitive decisions and confirm the direction you need to take.  All the cards are road signs images that we see every day while in our cars.  You can use these creative cards to train your brain to make those quick insights and wise choices with the red light and green light cards!  Just click the link below and get a set of cards and feel what it is like to be conscious of that subconscious place of theta brain waves. You will discover your own wisdom.

Guiding Signs 10144 brilliant imagery cards and a 136-page comprehensive guidebook.

In the comprehensive guidebook you will find poems, daily inquiries, and deeper meanings for each of the 44 road sign cards to help you along your life journey. Just play and have fun with the cards or let them take you deeper. Explore alone or with a group of friends.
Buy Now

I am proud to be an affiliate of this wonderful product.

Audio: Law of Attraction Radio

Law of Attraction Radio with JewelsIn this interview with Jewels on Law of Attraction Talk Radio about Heal Your Mind Rewire your Brain, (click arrow to start) Patt discusses the following:

  • What has been Patt’s intention behind publishing the book Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain?
  • Why is happiness so important?
  • Why is important to be aware of our automatic thoughts?
  • What are the physical parts of the brain and how do they operate with the mind?
  • What is neuroplasticity? Can the way I think really change my brain?
  • How does meditation evolve the mind and the brain?
  • How did the Dalai Lama become free of negative feelings?
  • How do the Companion CD’s that come with the book help listeners rewire their brains, relieve suffering and change their lives?
  • What are the brain wave states?

More about Law of Attraction Talk Radio