Interview with Roxanne Howe-Murphy of Deep Coaching.

Patt was interviewed by Roxanne Howe-Murphy of Deep Coaching about her book Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain.

Patt discusses research in neuroplasticity and practical ways in which you can rewire your brain. Learn about the connections between the Enneagram and this new research. Listen to the full interview below! Click arrow to Listen.

Patt Lind-Kyle Prepare to Die - Awakening process

Interview: Interweaving the Brain, Meditation and EFT

Patt was recently interviewed by Lisa Bacon and Marion Allen at EFTUniverse. Together they discuss the brain and meditation interwoven with EFT. Listen to audio of the interview below, or download the Mp3.

Audio interview: Patt and Jim Blasingame (Small Business Advocate)

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Patt talks about how to manage negative thoughts with attention and intention, the Enneagram Personality type system and other compassionate ways to rewire our brains for better lifestyle choices with Jim Blasingame, the Small Business Advocate.

Listen here: