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Is a Silent Tsunami Coming?

A silent tsunami is going on in our country right under our noses.  It could affect our everyday lives and how long we may live. The issue of how long we will live or our longevity reminds me of the classic children’s story, The Velveteen Rabbit.  Remember when, Rabbit asks the Skin Horse, “Does it hurt to be Real?” The Skin Horse says, “By the time you are Real most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out, and you get loose in the joints, and are very shabby.  But it doesn’t matter how you look because then you are Real.”

The current silent tsunami may have a direct relationship with not allowing us to get old and become real like the Skin Horse. The tsunami tidal wave I am speaking about may wash over us individually and as a nation. Why do I say that?

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First let me clarify the term “tsunami”. I am using “tsunami wave” as a metaphor to describe the destructive wave of cyberattacks happening in the world that you hear about on the news. Cyberspace is the means for computer communication. The internet system is a medium for computer systems to connect to each other via cyberspace. The medium of cyberspace connects together almost all the “machinery” of civilization itself. In the June edition of the magazine “Wired” there is a story about the enormous blackouts in the country of Ukraine. The Ukrainians believe that these disruptive energy blackouts have been a trial run for Russian hackers to attack other countries. These trial runs by Russian and other hackers are now being used in other major countries and have already been felt in our country. These hackers use very sophisticated digital software programs that hide in computerized mechanisms like power grids in order to sabotage the infrastructures of a country.

The Ukrainian cyberattack gives insight into what we in North America may experience. The people in Ukraine have experienced their entire electric grid going out and spreading over wide areas of the country.  One person interviewed said it went out for months as they were preparing for their holiday seasons during the winter. These blackouts just don’t affect their homes but financial and banking organizations, the treasury of the country, the seaport authority, railway booking systems, the wiping out the financial budgets of many companies, among many other disruptive conditions. The hackers use sophisticated malware which permanently destroys the various infrastructures systems. In the instance of Ukraine it was difficult to replace the transformers that blew out that serve as the backbone of their electrical transmission system.

What happened in the Ukraine could and may happen to our country. These unknown hackers can penetrate the North American electrical grid producing outages across the entire continent.  It could change life dramatically especially when key cities across the land do not have power for months at a time.  It could affect our water, food, ability to get gas for our cars and ultimate change every aspect of our life. Many people will suffer and many die. What is it to be “Real” in the face of this threat?

All kinds of threats from climate change, to terrorism, to nuclear war as well as cyberwar hover over us and they seem to be getting more plausible every day.

My new book seeks to address how to prepare for these difficult times.  In writing the book I began to see its importance in the times we live in now and how we need to support each other within our communities.

The title of the book is Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying and Awakening. It is a book to help prepare us physically, psychologically and spiritually for our individual and collective journey in these challenging times. It is book to help us savor our life now and love our life fully while we are still here. The publishing date is September 8. To learn more please go to my website

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