A Woman’s Tale of Healing the Immune System and Awakening the Feminine

When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up: A Woman’s Tale of Healing the Immune System and Awakening the Feminine by Patt Lind-Kyle

Healing begins with personal empowerment – whether the disease is of body, mind, psyche, or spirit. One of the greatest forms of empowerment comes when we meet another person who has lived through a disease similar to our own and has come full circle back to health and wholeness. When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up is a testimony to the healing power of a women’s determination to learn about her mind, body and heart. In so doing, the author was able to heal her immune system and reawaken her own feminine spirit. Noteworthy in the book is a study of 40 professional women and the model Lind-Kyle created to evaluate the feminine psyche and women’s style and behavior living as women in a “man’s world”.

In a life-threatening battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patt discovered emotional renewal and spiritual awakening in a transforming encounter with the essential feminine. Here she shows others how to make the journey from self-doubt to self-esteem, from illness to health, and from weakness to strength. Waking sleeping beauty becomes the metaphor for the process of recovering the legacy of feminine strength that has been largely lost in our culture.

When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up ~ Healing the Immune System and Awakening the Feminine

From the Publisher:

Hers is not only a literal story of her battle with a woman’s disease, but also a metaphorical telling about the condition of many American women today whose efforts toward healing are really attempts to reclaim their power in a subtly but insidiously male-dominated culture.

What readers have said:

Patt, I am loving my own examination of what “feminine” really means through reading your book When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up.

You are bringing home the recognition that our intuition is very powerful if only we listen. Without the active listening, we so easily become numbed to it.

Your descriptions of listening to your body in the depths of your illness jolted me into a looking at how often I ignore my own body signals. Our intuition is the voice of the divine feminine speaking intimately to me, to each of us.

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