Embracing_the End of Life cover BeckwithI am a person who studied the dying process in preparation for my own death. In our culture we deny our death. But in our culture we prepare for a job, having babies, and a vacation.

Why not prepare for death? Death is inevitable for everyone.

As I wrote this new book I understood the dying process and have put my affairs in order for my husband and children. I am currently preparing my mind for the moment of death.

The preparation practice is to awaken the mind before we die. In doing so I am living now every moment, free from fear or denial of my death.

There is a direct bridge between my last book and my new book. In the book, Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying & Awakening,” I use the tools of rewiring the brain and meditation from my previous book “Heal your Mind, Rewire Your Brain.” Meditation is an expansive and stabilizing process for healing our minds, rewiring our brains and opening to life.  I demonstrate how to use meditation as a vehicle to engage the brain’s neuronal pathways to awaken the mind to it’s true self. Meditation is an expansive and stabilizing process for healing our minds, rewiring our brains and opening to life.

Click to Pre-Order Embracing End of LifeLearning how to prepare to die is learning how to live fully now!

Listen to Patt on Conversations as Elisa Parker interviews Patt about her new book “Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying & Awakening“.  Pre-order on Amazon.com today “Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying & Awakening” in advance of the September 8, 2017 release.  Patt has also created a series of 16 meditations to enhance your engagement with the book.  These meditations will be made available as bonus videos to be downloadable from http://www.pattlindkyle.com/meditations/.

Below are comments from participants of the recent 3 month course based on Patt’s new book:

“This is a stealth book on spiritual liberation. Taking this course has heightened my awareness and has brought important insights and deep emotional healing. I recommend it for anyone wishing not only to die with ease, but also to live with joy.” ─ JD
“In the workshop and doing the chapter-by-chapter exercises Patt provides, I have learned to let go of my ego's desire to control and to cling. She is the ultimate synthesizer of knowledge from the world's cultures. Her work translates that knowledge into easy, living practices we can use on a daily basis ─ practices that replace fear with peace, stress with ease. Thank you, Patt!” ─ AD
“As a retired hospice nurse, I have experienced the journey of the death and dying process with dozens of my patients and their families, and most of them were unprepared and resistant to the reality of their impending death. I never realized how unaware I was about the dying process until I took this course. It has given me the tools to take with me on this journey of an Awakening Process in my preparation to die. I am forever grateful.” ─ MC
“Patt’s gentle, eloquent brilliance creates a safe, loving space to explore and confront our deepest fears around death and dying. Through a compelling process that engages the mind and heart, Patt guides us through a profound four-step journey to release the binds of what she calls our “Constricted Self” and embrace an awakening freedom. The journey is a life altering experience that transforms one’s relationship with death to live fully now.” – RM
“Patt’s course prepares you for life as well as for death. This is the part I like. It is a real eye opener and it does prepare you for the rest of your life and your death.” ─ LR
“I can’t wait to read the book ...It has SO much information for growth.” – JW
“It is not every day that someone invites you to examine your life to ready yourself for death. I work in a funeral home and see the aftermath of death daily. Taking the time to really understand, and admit to myself that I am, we are all dying and we had better get ready to make it the best transition possible, has made living so much better.“ ─ KS