Patt's Books

Patt's BooksPatt’s three books and CDs range from her personal journey of healing to practical ways to rewire the brain to tools and methods for community mind management. Her latest  book, Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain, won two First Place Gold Medals in Health and Wellness, Psychology/Mental Health and a Second Place and Finalist Award in Self Help.

Watch for Patt’s soon to be released Awakening from Fear to Freedom: An End of Life Process book and DVD.

Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain

In this new book, Patt tells the brain’s story and reveals the amazing power of neuroplasticity to heal the mind. In the second half of the book she provides a step by step program of developing mental tools using the four brainwave frequencies to rewire the brain as well as practice CDs. Click here to learn more.

Audacious Aging (Edited by Stephanie Marohn)

A new collection of visionary stories that will transform your thinking about aging. The contributors to Audacious Aging give us the science of aging (we program our cells to age, says biologist Bruce Lipton, for example), dispel the myths that have until now ruled how we age, and offer us the new paradigm of body, mind, and spirit health throughout life. Alternately personal and global, practical and transportive, the chapters in this anthology are on the forward edge of this amazing revolution: the transformation of elderhood. Click here for more info.

When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up: A Woman’s Tale of Healing the Immune System and Awakening the Feminine

Healing begins with personal empowerment – whether the disease is of body, mind, psyche, or spirit. One of the greatest forms of empowerment comes when we meet another person who has lived through a disease similar to our own and has come full circle back to health and wholeness. Lind-Kyle’s book is a testimony to the healing power of a women’s determination to learn about her mind, body and heart. Noteworthy in the book is a study of 40 professional women and the model Lind-Kyle created to evaluate the feminine psyche and women’s style and behavior living as women in a “man’s world”. Click here to learn more.