Patt at Meditation Cottage

Patt offers private coaching and mindfulness meditation sessions with individuals in her Cottage, which is located near Nevada City in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. The Cottage is in country setting on eight acres with garden views and a pond. The quiet of nature is where Patt prefers to hold private sessions, small group meditation and community offerings. If you are visiting from out of town, there are lovely bed and breakfast accommodation near by.

Patt also offers sessions over the phone as well as Skype video sessions with clients around the world. Her and her husband currently offer two day intensives with clients who are ready to explore deeply into core issues of their life and seek to unlock the prison of their minds.

Sessions in the cottage typically include an evaluation on her EEG machine and the use of other methods and tools that help the client shift perception and discover the key ways to utilize their brain/mind capabilities in reducing stress, deepening meditation practice, learning to make decisions at other levels of the brain functions, and rewire deeply held patterns that limit a sense of freedom and creativity.

Fees for individual sessions in the Cottage or sessions via phone or Skype are priced by the hour or by a day rate.

Hourly sessions are $110 USD.
Fee for day long sessions are determined by number of days and participants.