Instructions For Taking the Braverman Nature Assessment

Eric Braverman, MD defines our nature specifically from our unique brain chemistry. The flow of electricity of the brain waves is provided by the brain’s biochemical’s. The brain’s biochemical’s transfer electricity that then sends energy and information to the rest of your body. This chemistry affects our memory, attention, personality and physical health. The Braverman Nature Assessment provides feedback on your brain’s biochemical condition.

The Nature Assessment consists of two parts that contain series of true/false questions. The first part of the test determines your dominant nature. The second part will determine if you are experiencing any biochemical deficiencies.

Both tests should be completed at the same time. Find a quiet place and at a time that you are feeling well rested and well fed.

Remember there is no right or wrong answer. Please do not over think the questions. The test is designed so that a few answers one-way or the other will not affect the result. Your first indication or gut reaction always indicates the right way to answer the questions in these tests. At the end of the assessment you will be asked to score your own assessment.

Click on the following image to take you to the Braverman Nature Assessment.

(The assessment is a pdf file. It may be easier to print the assessment in order to fill it out.)

For further information on the results of your test you can buy Braverman’s book The Edge Effect at our bookstore.