Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain

Applying the Exciting New Science of Brain Synchrony for Creativity, Peace and Presence

The aim of this book is to provide an overview of scientific perspectives on the brain/mind and to show the reader how to personally evolve one’s own brain and how this can change one’s life in any direction they desire. To evolve and change one’s brain/mind will require the reader to engage in some mental training practices.  These practices will be transforming as readers learn to integrate the brain/mind and how it will produce natural changes in the reader’s response to themselves and to life in general. From these practices, it is possible for the reader to discover a new way of being in the world and an increased sense of emotional balance and physical health.

The key purpose of this book is to have the reader understand the nature of their own mind, how it interfaces with brain structures, and how meditation or mind training can help the reader find happiness and peace of mind. The heart of the book is teaching the reader the synchrony of the four brain wave patterns and the unique way each reader can bring their brain wave patterns into harmonization.

In the book meditation is used as a form of mind training. The form of meditation presented in the book is modeled on learning how to access the four brainwave patterns and to learn personal inner landmarks that provide a pathway for the reader to gain access at will to these brainwaves and become master of their own mind.

The mind training technique is non-religious and takes the approach of reducing stress, opening one’s creativity and increasing personal happiness in the midst of our challenging world conditions. Mind training presented in the book helps focus one’s attention, quiets a scattered mind, and brings the flexibility and clarity to see other options.

CD or MP3 Exercises. Each of the brainwave pattern exercises is supported by a practice CD that is either purchased from Amazon or iTunes, or downloaded onto an iPod or other mp3 player.

Part I: The Brain’s Story

Part one of this book describes the history of how the brain evolved into its current design and how that affects every aspect of our daily lives. This section describes how the brain’s organization and distinct characteristics evolved over millions of years; and how this brain gave rise to the mind.  The mind is not located in any specific place in the brain and yet the mind is intimately involved in all the brain’s activities.  Neuroscientists say that, “the mind is what the brain does.” The mind can be retrained to change our habitual patterns, reduce stress reactions, and alter our attitudes, emotions, and behaviors.

Part Two: Meditation and Mind Technology

In Part two the reader learns meditation practices and mind tools to deal with the challenges and potentials of each brain center. The practices takes the reader through the four brainwaves: beta, alpha, theta and delta; the neurotransmitters that effect each brainwave, nutrition that supports these brain waves and specific practices that are connected to the practice CDs that enable a person to learn to heal their mind and rewire their brain.

The Promise of the Book

Research has shown that meditation practice can actually increase the size of specific brain areas. We can mentally change our brain structure, increase brain cells, and modify neuronal pathways through our life experiences.  Meditation and mind-training work is at the heart of making positive changes in every area of our life. At the most basic level, this type of training improves mental stability and bestows a healthier immune system. A stable, focused, and calm mind reduces stress that results in less illness and emotional fatigue.