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I imagine you know that love is the answer for all that we face in life.  But the key question is, do you know how to open to your power of love? This question is especially important now in these conflicting times with the intense human, social and political drama, as well as gun terror, drug overdoses affecting so many, and even the possibility of world disaster?  There seems to be so much fear, pain and suffering we face today in our lives. Can love really help us?

All this fear and suffering in the outer world not to mention our personal inner struggles creates continuing stress and anxiety. What about your fearful thoughts and emotions? Many of us project our anger out at our world with the fear of being a victim, or we project inwardly feeling unworthy and filling our being with guilt and shame. It is these inner and outer fears and struggles that cause us to lose awareness of our heartfelt power of love.

Hafiz, the thirteen century Sufi master and poet, said, “Fear is the cheapest room in the house, I would like to see you in better living conditions.” How can we create better living conditions with our heart power?  The HeartMath Institute in California has done some amazing research on our heart. When you place your conscious attention on your heart it generates five thousand times more electromagnetic energy than your brain. The electromagnetic signals generated by the heart have the capacity to affect others around you. Heart rhythms reflect inner emotional states and stress. Focusing on the heart alters your emotional state via the neurological input from the heart to the brain. The more you are in your heart the more it changes the brain in a positive way. Researchers describe this coherence between the heart and brain, the “heart/brain”

The call within us and by the challenges of the circumstances around us daily is to open our heart to regain our love power and to release our fearful projections so that the power of love fills our heart/brain.

Forgiveness is the energy of the heart that releases the deepest fears that binds negativity to us. Forgiveness can dissipate these cords of negativity. The negative bindings will naturally dissipate if they are not held together by the negativity of our mind. The practice of forgiveness gives us back the power of our heart to love.

A friend and meditation teacher, Doug Kraft, suggests that there are three drivers that generate our need for forgiveness:

  • When you do not fully understand a situation.
  • When you are overcome by remorse and guilt.
  • When your behavior violates your values.

These three drivers lead to four simple forgiveness meditation phrases:

  • I forgive (myself, the other or group) for not understanding)
  • I forgive (myself, the other or group) for making mistakes.
  • I forgive (myself, the other or group) for hurting (myself, the other or group)
  • I forgive (myself, the other or group) for not following (my, your, their) deepest values.

Whatever blocks your heart of love today use these four meditation phrases to release your heart love energy. As you work with these forgiveness statements focus on the feeling at your heart center, breathe deeply and let the power of your heart/brain release you to your power of love.

Also, below is a powerful video from my book Embracing The End of Life: A Journey into Dying and Awakening. This is a forgiveness meditation video that will assist you in this process of awakening to your heart now. This video meditation uses the chakra color and brain wave frequencies embedded in the sound frequency of the color itself. To watch the color listen to the guided questions with your eyes half open. Put your attention and focus on listening to what you are experiencing inside yourself. This will allow the color to naturally enter into your unconscious as you have your eyes slightly open. If after a period of time your eyes close that is okay. I suggest at the end of the video to write about your experience. The more you write the more will come to your mind from your unconscious into your heart. Click the white arrow on the video image to view.  For full screen viewing click the 4 arrows icon next to Vimeo in the lower right of the video.

Green 4 – Forgiveness Meditation; Green 4 Embracing the End of Life Part II: A Journey to Freedom from Patt Lind-Kyle on Vimeo.

To find the 16 videos that accompany my book click here for Meditations on my website. They are free.
For more on my latest book visit Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying & Awakening.

May the power of forgiveness fill your heart/brain with love!

Lilies for Love

In The Parlor – The Final Goodbye

A documentary film examining the growing trend of families caring for their loved ones after death.

In the last few days, I viewed this very important film that is now being shown in theaters and film festivals around the country. I was moved and inspired by viewing In The Parlor and the alternative approach to death and death care it presents.

In The Parlor: The Final Goodbye takes a critical look at the American relationship with death and an inquiry into the home death care movement. The film takes viewers on a journey where very few have gone, and challenges us to reflect on this uncomfortable subject, which so often is hidden away and ignored.  Rejecting the mainstream tradition of hiring funeral professionals to care for the deceased, families in search of a more personal and fulfilling way to say goodbye are taking an active role in caring for relatives who have died.

Click  to view trailer on In The Parlor website.
Written, Produced, and Directed by Heidi Boucher
Co-Produced and Directed by Ruby Sketchley

You can purchase a DVD/Blu-Ray or  watch for In The Parlor: The Final Goodbye in a theater near you.

See Approaching End of Life Resources for additional End of Life related resources.

Patt Lind Kyle Peak Moment TV

Embracing the End of Life – Patt on Peak Moment TV

In an intimate conversation, Patt Lind-Kyle speaks with Janaia Donaldson, producer and host of Peak Moment TV, about Patt’s upcoming book Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying and Awakening  (to be released September 2017). Patt and Janaia explore the personal life experiences that inspired Patt to create this profound work.  Patt notes that most people want to have a quiet mind; we want to release the stress that constricts us and move into the expanded self.  Janaia speaks eloquently of her personal insights gained through active engagement with Patt, the workbook format of the book and related guided meditation videos.

Peak Moment TV Interview Description:

A frightening near-death experience led Patt Lind-Kyle, author of “Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain”, to wonder what happens to the mind during the dying process. Her explorations led to writing a new book “Embracing the End of Life.” She invites readers to prepare now — for living with less stress each day as well as during the dying process. She covers legal and practical issues, and the important choice of caregivers while you’re dying. Her primary focus is on cultivating now the consciousness that you’ll be in while dying — what she calls the “expanded self.” We all experience this when our hearts are open, in times of forgiveness, appreciation, compassion, and gratitude.

Peak Moment TV ~ Locally Reliant Living for Challenging Times

Robin Mallgren and Janaia Donaldson of Yuba Gals Independent Media are the creators of Peak Moment Television. Janaia is producer and host, Robin videographer and editor.

Peak Moment TV is an online television series featuring people creating resilient communities for a more sustainable, lower-energy future in the face of energy, climate and economic uncertainty.

Episodes range from permaculture farms to electric bikes, ecovillages to car-sharing, emergency preparedness to careers for the coming times. They also include conversations with big-picture thinkers like David Korten, Richard Heinberg, Chris Martenson, and now, Patt Lind-Kyle whose framing provide context for societal and environmental events unfolding worldwide.

Patt Lind-Kyle

Patt Lind-Kyle on the Integration of Science and Spirituality

In this short video with Emmett Miller, MD on Healing Times Radio, Patt Lind-Kyle, talks about her book Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain. Dr. Miller asks, “How does your work integrate science and spirituality?”

In response, Patt Lind-Kyle describes the integration of science and spirituality with the mind and brain working together to arrive at a sense of who we are. Watch here:

Video: How Patt Got Started with Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain

In this video interview with Emmett Miller, MD on Healing Times Radio, Patt talks about:

  • how she began her book, Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain and
  • the difference between spiritual consciousness and ordinary consciousness
  • how an EEG machine helped Patt understand her own brain waves states and apply that knowledge for others
  • how she got started working with the 4 brain waves: beta, alpha, theta, delta

For more videos of Patt Lind-Kyle, subscribe to her podcasts or watch her videos on her website video pages.

Video: What can I learn from Heal the Mind, Rewire the Brain?

In this video, Emmett Miller, MD asks Patt, “what can people learn from this book?” Patt answers:

Heal the Mind, Rewire the Brain is split into 2 parts:

1) the science of the brain

– how the brain works

– how the mind works

– what happens they flow together and what stops the flow

2) the brain and its electrical and chemical components

– the 4 neurochemicals

– the 4 brainwaves

– what happens when they are out of balance and in balance

Video: Monitoring the Awakened Brain

In this video interview with Emmett Miller MD, Patt Lind-Kyle describes how she uses an EEG machine to monitor brain waves states and help people increase their awareness about achieving a balanced brain wave state. Patt discusses the 4 brainwave frequencies: beta, alpha, theta, delta

Video: Following the Brain into Meditation

In Segment 5 of Patt Lind-Kyle’s interview with Dr. Emmett Miller of Healing Times Radio, Patt talks about:

  • What is the brainwave frequency called beta, what is its frequency, what does it do to the mind and what kind of behavior does one have while in beta?
  • How does one reduce fast brain waves to calm the system and move into the brainwave frequency for strategic thinking (at 15 Hz within the beta range)?
  • What happens around 12 Hz with our attention and ability to focus/concentrate?

In the book Heal the Mind, Rewire the Brain, Patt looks at these 3 areas and suggests exercises to manage these brainwave states:

1) Learning to relax the entire body in order to get to know the body and reduce pain
2) Using the CD’s to help learn this process

Dr. Miller asks: How do people know if they are in the meditative state? Patt answers:

  • Meditation is deeper than relaxation
  • Once the body is very quiet and relaxed, then you can notice your breath and sense the rhythm to the breath
  • Then you notice body sensations, visual sensations, thoughts, sounds
  • Then you are in the next level: alpha (an aware state) and you look to see “who’s aware?” by noticing the observer – moving to the bridge from conscious state to meditation state/sub-conscious state
  • This awareness becomes habituated for most people so it is important to learn these techniques

Video: Applying the 4 Tools: Attention, Intention, Receptivity, Awareness

In Segment 6 of Patt’s interview with Dr. Emmett Miller, MD on Healing Times Radio, Patt talks about applying the 4 tools of attention, intention, receptivity and awareness.  When your mind is more trained, we learn to “face it, embrace it, it erase” and the mind becomes quieter.

Video: “You are not separate”

Patt Lind-Kyle describes her experience of the Theta brainwave state during Segment 7 of her interview with Emmett Miller, MD on Healing Times Radio. In this video, Patt describes the experience of oneness and a knowing that we are not separate from each other while experiencing the Theta brainwave state.