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SMILE: It May Save Your Life!

Years ago Nat King Cole sang a song called “Smile.” According to new research these lyrics may have some scientific value.  Here are a few of the lyrics of the song.

Nat King Cole “Smile though your heart is aching

Smile even though it’s breaking

When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by


If you smile through your fear and sorrow

Smile and maybe tomorrow

You’ll see the sun come shining through for you, just smile”



Brain-informationSo what happens to our brain when we smile?  Here is an example.

You are shopping and you see an old friend you have not seen in a long time. You smile and greet your friend warmly. Inside your head your brain’s neuronal signals travel towards your smiling muscles and moves them to form a smile. But that is not all that is happening. The next thing occurring is that there is a positive signal feedback loop back to your brain. This feedback loop creates a feeling of joy as your smile stimulates the brain’s reward center in a way that chocolate can’t even match. In short, our brain tells us to smile, we smile and the smile muscles tell our brain this is a wonderful feeling and so it continues as long as you keep smiling.


Prime-brainSmiling can change your brain through this powerful feed back loop because it gives us the same feeling of euphoria as if we were physically exercising. What is really interesting is that the brain does not know the difference between a fake or real smile.  With either type of smile the brain will stimulate the same areas in the brain. The brain also knows how often you smile and what emotional state you are experiencing when you smile.

Smiling is invaluable to you as it reduces stress in your brain, in your mind as well as your body. Your physical and emotional tensions as well as your personal stress patterns are reduced when you mentally shift to Smiling childpositive thoughts of caring, gratitude, and appreciation. These Secret-of-Cellstypes of thoughts do not create tension; rather they quickly reduce tension in your body. In fact, these thoughts reduce stress all the way down into your cells.  Sandra Barrett PhD is a biochemist that shares exciting emerging cell research in her new book, Secrets of your cells.



Dr. Barrett claims from her research that intelligence or consciousness lives and flows inside the cells.  Our cells, she says, knows when you let go of your tension.  In the research she found that when you are tense the inner cellular tubules rigidly attach to cell brain-cellwalls. Further, when you mentally let go of tension the cell tubules also let go of their rigidness and their old tight reaction programs. For example, when people who have a disease such as cancer let go of something emotionally big like anger toward their mother these people often go into remission of cancer.  When the cells are given the signal to let go of tension they turn on another gene program like peace and healing. If we let go and open up to smiling when we are tense it can affect the cells to release any dis-ease in our lives.

qdotsFrom what I’ve described you can understand how a smile could save your life.  When we relax through smiling our cells move into a state of resonance that produces peacefulness.  There is no tug on cells or struggle to fix X, Y or Z. The cells are playing the same song and the inner tubules are vibrating all in the same rhythm. The lyrics of Nate King Cole’s song are really true.




Meditation-SmileWhat we can learn from the cells about resonance is how to entrain our minds in meditation by using smiling to enter into a state of deep peacefulness.

Here are three steps to increase the depth of your meditation using smiling.

1. Prepare you body by listening to the first track in my CD

/PattCDCoverGlowHeal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain.  In this track you are guided to use your intention to direct the brain to relax your body.

Brain2. Once your body is relaxed there may still be thoughts that will arise in your mind.  As you become aware of these thoughts ask your brain to release them and then smile.  As you smile you will notice the mind and body will relax and quiet even more.

3. Whenever your mind drifts come back to focusing on your smile. PattRemember the brain cells don’t know the difference between a genuine smile and an intentional smile. Both will bring the relaxation and a deeper state of meditation.

This practice of conscious smiling can be used when you are not sitting in meditation. Make the choice to intentionally smile when you are feeling tense or emotionally down or just having a rough day. Just smile. It could save your life!PattDavid

Guided meditation CDs for Heal Your Mind

Patt has released her new CD!


Order now by clicking through to Patt’s website

Patt Lind KyleHi, I am Patt Lind-Kyle. Many of you have listened and worked with my two CD set of guided meditations that accompany my book,  Heal Your Mind, Rewire your Brain. After working with these guided meditations many people have requested to have just the music with the binaural beats of the four brain frequencies embedded in the music tracks in order to deepen their own practice. Well, we finally got it to you as instrumental music!

New CDFor those of you that have not used the two CD set you may find this CD a powerful and positive way to relax and open yourself more deeply to experience your four brain waves and to enter into your inner world.

This music has binaural beat pulsations in the background of each track to increase the effectiveness of your meditation and  relaxation. The binaural beats in the music will enhance your ability to move into each brain wave more easily and more deeply. The binaural beats help you relax your body, bringing focus and concentration to each meditation or quiet relaxation session. You can learn more about binaural beats at my website.

The four tracks of this CD give different mind state experiences:

  1. Beta – takes you into deep relaxation
  2.  Alpha widens your perception and increases concentration and memory.
  3. Theta – opens you up to your creativity and the place of wisdom within to find answers to life’s questions.
  4. Delta – takes you into that vast mystery of our existence and can bring you into oneness with Reality.

For more detailed information about each brain wave go to my book, Heal Your Mind, Rewire your Brain. Visit my website for  other information and resources.

Your Hidden World

BrainYour hidden world has been a million years in the making. There is a part of your brain that evolved in a very important way for humans. You have an ancient brain that was once very much utilized by our ancestors. It allowed our ancestors to live life fully with much less tension and with more ease than we do today. However, today this part of our brain is not recognized, valued or seen as important either to understand or utilize in our daily life.

Imagine you were living many thousands of years ago at the time before there was spoken language. It was also a time we didn’t have an unconscious mind. Everything we experienced was conscious. Night dreams were as real as daytime experience. Many people felt the gods and spirits taught them directly and guided them how to live through their dreams. Being conscious of their dreams they lived their life by them because their gods were guiding them step-by-step.

-7These ancient ones were in harmony with themselves, with others, the natural world and the supernatural world. The reason for this harmony was that their right brain was more prominent than their left. Remember, this was before spoken language and with it the development of the left brain. Living in the right brain our ancestors possessed many talents, such as music, awareness of tones and melody so that they danced and sang the songs of birds as a major part of their life. They were open to their feelings expressing their love their sorrow and were sensitive and aware to what was happening in their inner world. They used this connection to the right brain as a guide for relationships, finding food, protection from predators and seeing things as they actually were, rather than what they would want it to be. Because they had an inner, intuitive knowing about life and animals they were in alignment with nature, supernatural forces and therefore could both survive and thrive. They were in rhythm with their bodies, communication through touch with others was natural along with sexual intimacy and there was a graceful moving within the natural process of daily life. There was the predictable tension of the dangers and physical elements in their environment, but people didn’t hold on to the flight/fright once the situation changed. In this sense life flowed and in some ways was much easier than it is today. We know from anthropological studies that our ancestors had more time to be creative, relax and have ceremonies and rituals for births, celebrations and deaths together in community.

-3What happened to this remarkable life? Thousands of years later the left brain developed as we gained language. We began to think in words and developed sequence, logic and reason. Slowly we lost our intuition and natural rhythm. The left brain within the last few centuries has become dominate and it interferes with our emotions, our natural connection to our senses and has blocked our inner awareness. Today we are robots or slaves to this quality of mind because the left brain often refuses to utilize the right brain. Our cultural values, our education system, our technology all reinforce the left brain over the right. For example, when you make decisions how many times do you turn inside and listen to your body or a feeling in your gut or an emotion that lets you know what to decide. No, we completely by pass this interior wealth that is now socially unacceptable. We don’t know how to understand our emotions so we push them down so that when we unconsciously react to others or situations we are surprised and often overwhelmed by what we seem to feel. The result of these emotional reactions then often creates guilt, interpersonal misunderstandings and lack of acceptance toward others. Our suppressed feeling are so strong that it does not allow the natural inner world to come up to the surface to express ourselves honestly and consciously both to ourselves and others.

-8In order to return back to reconnect to our right brain and to our natural rhythm, we must make conscious once again our inner life. We need to bring up to the surface of our conscious life our needs and desires so they can be known and heard within us. Making new choices to be more in our right brain our Life will come alive, it will be smoother, have less tension and become a life aligned with our true nature. This is our time to take back the beauty of our lives and to learn to be in balance.

Here are some suggested practices on how to tune back into your right brain.

1. Every day set a time to be quiet. Put away the left brain indoctrination of your smart phone or tablet to look at emails or Facebook comments. Sit quietly (hopefully looking at or being in nature) in order to stop the intensity of doing and thinking by practicing relaxation. Start out with just 15 minutes and increase the time gradually. Use my new CD instrumental Beta meditation track so that you learn to change the frequency of your brain into a state of physical and emotional relaxation.

2. Spend time at the end or the beginning of the day to write what is going on in your life. This practice begins to open up your inner right brain world more consciously. Create a journal just for this special time of reflection. Just write a page or two but let the writing flow so that it is a feeling of automatic writing coming from deep within. This practice begins to illicit a deeper awareness of your inner world and you will learn so much in doing it day after day. (PS: don’t type it as handwriting will activate the physical, sensory part of your right brain.)

3. Use the fourth track (theta frequency) of my guided CD, Heal Your Mind Rewire Your Brain, to start awakening your unconscious and to make it conscious once again by asking specific questions for specific answers – coming directly from your inner self.

Patt has released her new CD, Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brian, “Just Music” There are four tracks matching the four brain frequencies. The music has binaural beats embedded in the music to help us move into the different frequencies of our brain.
1. Beta takes you into deep relaxation.
2. Alpha widens your perception to look deeply within your self.
3. Theta opens you up to your creativity and the place of wisdom within to find answers to life’s questions.
4. And Delta takes you into that vast mystery of your existence and can bring you into oneness with Reality.
The tracks in this music album will help restore that connection to our right brain that Patt has written about above.

Order now by clicking Here We have both CDs and mp3 downloads.

YOUR BRAIN ON NEUROACTIVE STEROIDS…. Does it Improve Brain Function?

So what is a neuroactive steroid and what does it have to do with our brain? According to the research at Queensland Brain Institute, one neuroactive steroid is Vitamin D and is active in brain development.

Amazingly, our brain needs its share of Vitamin D to function properly. New evidence indicates that if Vitamin D is deficient in our system it has been linked with abnormalities in the brain. Increasingly, Vitamin D deficiency is being associated with a number of psychiatric conditions such as autistic spectrum, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and cognitive decline.

W. Robert J. Przybelski, a research scientist at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health said, “We also know vitamin D activates and deactivates enzymes in the brain and the cerebrospinal fluid that are involved in neurotransmitter synthesis and nerve growth.” In addition, animal and laboratory studies suggest vitamin D protects neurons and reduces inflammation. There are vitamin D receptors throughout the central nervous system so it is important that there is available vitamin D for those receptors.

So how much is enough vitamin D for our body? Experts say 1,000 to 2,000 IU daily—about the amount your body will synthesize from 15 to 30 minutes of sun exposure two to three times a week—is the ideal range for almost all healthy adults. Keep in mind, however, of your skin color, where you live, and how much skin you have exposed to the sun as all of these factors affect how much vitamin D you can produce.


The big push to prevent skin cancer from too much sun may have come with unintended consequences. The “sunshine vitamin” is synthesized in our skin when we are exposed to direct sunlight, but sun block impedes this process. This could impair brain function because of a deficiency of vitamin D.

Unfortunately, due to decades of professional and media misinformation, the typical American believes they should avoid the midday sun and need to use sunscreen before, and several times during, sun exposure, but research indicates this is wrong.

Let me give you a “prescription” for beneficial use of vitamin D. First some conditions to consider:
While sun exposure is your best source for vitamin D, it’s important to understand that not all sun exposure will allow for vitamin D production. The only wavelength that makes your body produce vitamin D is Ultra Violet B light rays, when they hit exposed skin. It is the Ultra Violet A rays that cause damage to your skin and is a cause of skin cancer.

The Ultra Violet B light rays from the sun must pass through the atmosphere to reach you. This does not occur in the winter for many of us in the U.S. The sun’s rays are also impeded during a fair amount of the year for people living in temperate climates as well.

These are Guidelines for Safe and Effective Sun Exposure

The time of day when the sun position is above 50 degrees from the horizon of where you live is the key. To determine sun position for maximum Vitamin D we need to use the following type table to calculate when to be in the sun.

1.The U.S.Navy has the Sun or Moon Altitude Azimuth Table This table will help you determine the times of day when the sun is above 50 degrees from the horizon in order to get the UVB rays.

2.To use the table simply specify the date, time interval, and location then click on the “Compute Table” button. Look at the altitude list down to the 50 range and those are the times that it is safe and beneficial to be exposed to the sun. This is translated to the date and time of places on the globe. It means, for example, that some people who live in Chicago the UVB rays are not potentially present until March 25, and by September 16th it is not possible to produce any vitamin D from the sun in Chicago. Please understand it is only theoretically possible to get UVB rays during those times. If it happens to be cloudy or raining, the clouds will also block the UVB rays.

3.There is also an App at iTunes which makes the process even easier. You can download a free app called “D Minder” which will make all the calculations for you. This app sets up information about you then it computes the amount of Vitamin D you are getting. It will even tell how long you should stay out in the sun and warn you when the time is up. How good is that? Here is the URL HYPERLINK “”

Vitamin D isn’t a frequency of light; it is a vitamin that is produced in the skin upon contact with Ultra Violet B radiation. If you are behind glass or cloudy weather blocks the UVB, then your skin will not be able to produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D alone is not enough for people to perform better. There is a complex of vitamins and proteins and other substances needed for the brain, but Vitamin D is one of the important ones.


Video Interview: What can I learn from this book? with Emmett Miller, MD of Healing Times Radio

In this video, Emmett Miller, MD asks Patt, “what can people learn from this book?”  Patt answers:

The book is split into 2 parts:

1) the science of the brain

– how the brain works

– how the mind works

– what happens they flow together and what stops the flow

2) the brain and its electrical and chemical components

– the 4 neurochemicals

– the 4 brainwaves

– what happens when they are out of balance and in balance


Video interview: Science and Spirituality with Emmett Miller, MD

Patt Lind-Kyle talks about the integration of science and spirituality with respect to the mind and brain working together to arrive at a sense of who we are.  This short video is segment 3 of the interview with Emmett Miller, MD on Healing Times Radio with Patt Lind-Kyle, author of Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain.

Watch here:

New video: The importance of Attention

In this video from Patt’s recent presentation at the Madelyn Helling Library in Nevada City, Patt emphasizes the importance of attention by telling a powerful story.