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Yes you CAN teach your brain new tricks!

Yes you CAN teach your brain new tricks!

Retraining Your Inner “Old Dog”: Yes, You Can Change Your Life…But First You Must-Literally-Change Your Mind.
Most of us believe that there are aspects of ourselves and the way we fit into the world that can’t be changed, whether we like it or not. But what if that’s not the case after all? Author Patt Lind-Kyle promises that you can change your life (and literally rewire your brain!) through a method that has been around for millennia: meditation.

If you’re like most people, you’re dissatisfied with some area of your life. Perhaps you’re stuck in a dead-end job or an unfulfilling relationship. Maybe you’re deep in debt from compulsive spending, or you abuse substances, or you habitually overeat. Or it could be that you just feel unhappy in general: anxious, stressed, depressed, or chronically angry. But no matter how fervently you vow to stop your unhealthy behaviors or change your attitude, you find yourself backsliding-eating another doughnut, sneaking another cigarette, or dwelling on the painful memories that make you miserable.

Maybe life has to be this way, you find yourself thinking. Maybe unhappiness is just a big part of the human condition. Maybe the best we can hope for is to distract ourselves from time to time and just try to endure. Sure it’s a bleak outlook, but isn’t it also a realistic one?

“Absolutely not,” asserts Patt Lind-Kyle, author of Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain: Applying the Exciting New Science of Brain Synchrony for Creativity, Peace and Presence (Energy Psychology Press, 2009, ISBN: 1604150564) and mind training guide whose voice appears on the book’s companion CDs. “It is possible to change your life in any way you want to change it. But first you have to understand what’s at the root of your problems: your mind and the way it directs your brain to function-basically, where you place your attention.”

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Patt Lind-Kyle Prepare to Die - Awakening process

Women: Are you proud to be overwhelmed?

Patt was recently mentioned in this article in Women’s Health at – check it out to find some great tips on how to manage stress from Patt and other experts in her field:

When you think about it, stress is a mysterious thing: You can’t see it or touch it, but you definitely know it’s there. And its enigmatic nature just might be preventing us from fully realizing the damage stress can do to our minds, bodies, and spirits. Read more…

First place, gold medal: Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain receives book award

Author and consultant Patt Lind-Kyle has been named a 2010 Living Now Book Awards gold medalist in the Health/Wellness category for her book, Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain.

Part of the Independent Publisher Book Awards (known as “Ippys”), the Living Now Book Awards are awarded in 30 lifestyle categories, and are “intended to promote newly-published lifestyle books that will help readers enrich their lives in wholesome, Earth-friendly ways.”

Chosen from among 428 total entries, Lind-Kyle’s book, Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain: Applying the Exciting New Science of Brain Synchrony for Creativity, Peace and Presence (Energy Psychology Press, 2009, ISBN: 978-1-60415-056-8, $26.95) explains the science behind neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to grow, change, and forge new neural pathways at any age. The book, accompanied by companion guided-mind training CDs, also gives readers the instructions and tools necessary to “rewire” their own brains for increased focus, emotional control, reduced stress levels, and higher levels of balance, creativity, and happiness.

More than just a study of how personality typing, meditation, mind training, neuroscience, and brain chemistry intersect and interact, the book is a tool that readers can use to achieve a higher state of personal evolution.
“The truth is, the world we live in will never magically become stress-free,” Lind-Kyle observes. “But it is possible (and surprisingly straightforward!) to train yourself to meet challenges head-on with a stable, focused, and calm mind. And that will make all the difference.”

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About the Author:
Patt Lind-Kyle is an author, therapist, speaker, trainer, and consultant. She is a former professor at Foothill College, and founder of a learning assessment company that applies neuro-monitoring tools for stress management, health, and peak performance. Her research, writing, and teaching in the mind/brain field center on using an EEG brainwave monitoring system to help individuals maximize their brain-mind potentials.

Patt has written a chapter in Audacious Aging: “Building Community from the Inside Out” (Elite Books, 2009). She is also the author of When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up (SwanRaven, 1994).

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About the Book:
Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain: Applying the Exciting New Science of Brain Synchrony for Creativity, Peace and Presence (Energy Psychology Press, 2009, ISBN: 978-1-60415-056-8, $26.95) is available at bookstores nationwide and through major online booksellers.

About the CDs:
Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain: Companion CDs for the Book (2-CD set, $14.95) contains six sessions that guide listeners through the exercises and practices relating to each of the four brainwave frequencies as described in the book. The CDs can be used in conjunction with the book, or as a stand-alone tool. To download a free mp3 of one of the exercises or to purchase the CDs, please visit

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Patt Lind-Kyle’s exciting new book and Companion CD set (or MP3 downloads) are now available!

Companion CD’s and MP3 downloads now available

You can now order Patt’s Companion CD Set and MP3 downloads at CDBaby!


Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

“Yes, you can teach your old brain new tricks! Breakthroughs in the scientific understanding of how the brain works have shown us that our brains are constantly rewiring themselves in response to events in our lives.This handbook applies this new science in practical ways, by giving us a training program to re-pattern our behavior and thereby change the ways our brain is wired. It interrupts our suffering, sharpens our mental abilities and corrects our cognitive imbalances. As we learn these mental skills, the neural patterns of our brains begin to change and we literally reprogram the neural networks through which information and energy flows.

If you’ve heard about neuroplasticity, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology and other scientific advances, but didn’t know how you could apply these breakthroughs to improve your life, you will find Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain a treasure trove of resources. It provides a clear, step-by-step program that shows you how to correct the imbalances of the stressed-out brain, and install a peaceful state of mind.”

– Dawson Church

“{This} is the type of book I would recommend for a left-brain prisoner who needs loosening up or an energetic practitioner expecting to be challenged on the validity of their practice. The basic premise is that whenever different parts of the brain developed, it opened people up to different possibilities. The prefrontal cortex, (most recent developed at a mere 100,000 years ago), can communicate with the other parts, helping to align them to the meditation mindset and change certain negative perceptions.

The first hundred pages describe the brain and its parts in minute detail. While interesting, I honestly followed the carrot of “brain retraining” skills promised later in the book. Instead, in the second half, I got about ten meditation exercises, the Enneagram system, some Buddhist tales and the author’s case stories. This section felt lopsided in comparison to the densely cerebral beginning. I felt like the pre-universe did, awaiting a Big Bang….which actually turned out to be a little pop. As for “brain plasticity,” it is Newspeak for the brains ability to mimic others and grow new pathways; wonderful, yes, but how new is this concept actually?

Lest I do this book a disservice, if I had focused more on the journey I might have enjoyed the book for what it is: an intricate tour through our fabulous brains, a great brain-hand simile, and a continuous and detailed saga of how meditation can help people in this day and age. My reading of it is timely, too; my father’s birthday is coming up and he has spent 45 years as a chemistry professor breathing science; this might be just the thing he needs to spur him to meditation.”

– Alaina Zipp

Hot review from the Library Journal

Library Journal: July 16, 2009

Lind-Kyle, Patt. Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain: Applying the Exciting New Science of Brain Synchrony for Creativity, Peace and Presence. Energy Psychology. Oct. 2009. c.253p. illus. ISBN 978-1-60415-056-8. $26.95 with audio CD. PSYCH

A therapist, trainer, and longtime meditator, Lind-Kyle (When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up) writes superbly about the relationship between meditation and the brain. Dividing her book into two sections, she begins with an in-depth scientific discussion of the anatomy of the brain, its evolution, and how our thought processes work. Using an electroencephalograph, Lind-Kyle has been able to measure and monitor mind states and identify when brain waves are out of balance. She presents brain research that shows how meditation can reshape the nature of the mind. In Part 2, readers will find detailed discussion of how using mind-training techniques can help them access the centers of the brain in order to bring about change in their mindset and thought patterns. With the use of a meditation CD, the author leads readers through several meditation techniques. VERDICT For those who just want to learn how to meditate, there are other books, e.g., Paul Wilson’s Finding the Quiet, that will satisfy. For those who also want to know why it works, this book is a great resource.—Phyllis Goodman, West Chester Lib., OH