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Interview with Roxanne Howe-Murphy of Deep Coaching.

Patt was recently interviewed by Roxanne Howe-Murphy of Deep Coaching. Listen to the full interview…

New interview: Interweaving the Brain, Meditation and EFT

Patt was recently interviewed by Lisa Bacon at EFTUniverse. Together they discuss the brain and meditation interwoven with EFT. Listen to the interview…

What is left when we overcome our negative thoughts?

In this hour-long interview with Tazz and Paula of Embracing Mother Earth on Blog Talk Radio, Patt discusses:

Can we remove the automatic negative thoughts from the brain (overcoming the default system)?

What is Patt’s personal story behind her book, Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain?

What led Patt to do her 18 months of research to write this book?

Did Patt’s negative thoughts go…

When stress walks in, ask it to Dance

In this interview with¬†Kacey Morabtio Grean of Kacey on the Radio, Patt reminds us that we can “dance with the eye of Hurricane,” stop running from stress and ask it to dance.

Patt also reminds us that the brain is the hardware and the mind is the software and we can choose to change our programming by consciously choosing to not buy into the cultural expectations of the stressful holiday…

Audio: Interview with Dr. Desiree Cox

In this interview with Dr. Desiree Cox, Patt shares:

Her story getting started with meditation
The 6-month meditation retreat where she overcome deep fear and anxiety in order to find “home base” and how the Buddha’s words, “Change the unwholesome thought to the wholesome” became her mantra
How she dropped into the “gap” between thoughts, heartbeats and breaths for months and then cam…

Audio: Law of Attraction Radio

In this interview with Jewels on Law of Attraction Talk Radio, Patt discusses the following:

What has been Patt’s intention behind publishing the book Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain?
Why is happiness so important?
Why is important to be aware of our automatic thoughts?
What are the physical parts of the brain and how do they operate with the mind?
What is neuroplasticity? Can the way I…

Audio: Interview on Temple of Health Radio Show

In this radio interview with Dr. Susan E. Kolb on Temple of Health Radio, Patt talks about:

The 4 brain wave states and how to recognize them within yourself
Suggestions for people without a meditation practice
What resources can be found on Patt’s website,
How to use mind training and Patt’s CD’s to treat insomnia
How the brain state affects the endocrin…

Audio: Interview on Tributaries Radio

In this interview with Robin Claire of the Tributaries Radio Show, Patt answers:

What have the shamans of Peru been saying about the importance of being able to calm the mind?
What is science telling us about the development of pre-frontal lobe of the brain?
How does meditation combined with attention and intention affect our stream of thoughts?
Is there a shortcut to overcoming negativ…

Audio: Interview with Amy Ahlers

Enjoy this interview: How to love your “inner mean girl” with Amy Ahlers on her “Inner Mean Girl Reform School” radio…

Audio: Interview with Amy Miller

Amy Miller interviewed Patt on January 16, 2010 and they discussed the following Mind-Body connection topics:

How can understanding the brain assist us in helping us find a refuge from pain?

The anatomy of the brain – how long has it been evolving?

When was the most recent leap in development?

Why is stress or suffering so pervasive in our culture and do we deal with it using mind…

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