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Patt Lind-Kyle on Conversations

Patt Lind-Kyle

Patt Lind-Kyle spoke about her soon to be released “How to Prepare to Die: an Awakening Process” on KVMR 89.5 Radio Conversations with Elisa Parker.

Patt shared perspectives on the fear and denial our culture holds around death.  Patt reflects on the time in our recent history when people were born, lived and died on their own property.  As people moved off the land and humans turned to…

Patt has released her new CD!

Patt Lind Kyle

Order now by clicking through to Patt’s website

Hi, I am Patt Lind-Kyle. Many of you have listened and worked with my two CD set of guided meditations that accompany my book,  Heal Your Mind, Rewire your Brain. After working with these guided meditations many people have requested to have just the music with the binaural beats of the four…

Interview with Roxanne Howe-Murphy of Deep Coaching.

Patt was recently interviewed by Roxanne Howe-Murphy of Deep Coaching. Listen to the full interview…

Interview: Interweaving the Brain, Meditation and EFT

Patt was recently interviewed by Lisa Bacon at EFTUniverse. Together they discuss the brain and meditation interwoven with EFT. Listen to the interview…

Audio: Interview with Gabriella Kortsch

Gabriella Kortsch

In this interview with Gabriella Kortsch of BlogTalk Radio, Patt and Peggy Rubin,  discuss Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain and training ourselves in order to re-pattern behavior and hence change the way our brain is wired. This positively impacts on suffering and stress, sharpens mental abilities, and corrects cognitive imbalances.  Listen to Gabriella Kortsch’s interview with Patt.

What is left when we overcome our negative thoughts?

In this hour-long interview with Tazz and Paula of Embracing Mother Earth on Blog Talk Radio, Patt discusses:

Can we remove the automatic negative thoughts from the brain (overcoming the default system)?

What is Patt’s personal story behind her book, Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain?

What led Patt to do her 18 months of research to write this book?

Did Patt’s negative thoughts go…

Audio: Law of Attraction Radio

Law of Attraction Radio with Jewels

In this interview with Jewels on Law of Attraction Talk Radio about Heal Your Mind Rewire your Brain, (click arrow to start) Patt discusses the following:

What has been Patt’s intention behind publishing the book Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain?
Why is happiness so important?
Why is important to be aware of our automatic thoughts?
What are the physical parts of the brain and how do…

Audio: Interview with Amy Miller

Listen to Amy Miller interview Patt on Connect with Amy Miller January 16, 2010 and they discussed the following Mind-Body connection topics:

How can understanding the brain assist us in helping us find a refuge from pain?

The anatomy of the brain – how long has it been evolving?

When was the most recent leap in development?

Why is stress or suffering so pervasive in our cultur…

Audio Interview: Central Valley Business Times

Picture 23

In this interview with Central Valley Business Times, Patt talks about neuroplasticity, how we can form new patterns of thought, memory or emotion to improve our lives through meditation and other techniques, and her personal story of how she discovered the benefits of meditation.

She also talks about freedom from addiction to sugar and anger and the tools that can help.


Audio interview: Patt and Jim Blasingame (Small Business Advocate)

Picture 20

Patt talks about how to manage negative thoughts with attention and intention, the Enneagram Personality type system and other compassionate ways to rewire our brains for better lifestyle choices with Jim Blasingame, the Small Business Advocate.


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