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Aging Wisely

A class in becoming a true elder and discovering our own wisdom. by Patt Lind-Kyle Aging Wisely will provide understanding, activities and guided brainwave meditations to explore the various aspects of the aging process. Wise elders are needed in our society at this time of cultural conflict and uncertainty. In every culture elders have provided […]

Meditations for End of Life CD

Just Released ~ 6 new Meditations for Embracing the End of Life!  These six (6) meditations are from the book Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying & Awakening. The recordings are designed to guide you into a deeper meditation experience. The meditations may be replayed many times in order to release […]

Healing Times Radio~Conversations with Extraordinary People

Dr Emmett Miller ~ Embracing the End of Life: A Conversation with Patt Lind-Kyle on Join Dr Emmett Miller on DreamVisions7 Radio Network with Patt     **Note, scroll down the page to find the gray start button. Dr Emmett Miller invites you to: Listen to this episode about embracing the end-of-life? Our natural reaction is […]