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I would like to respond to your interest in a taking a meditation class. But first as a way for you to determine if this is the right time for you to take a meditation class please ask yourself,

“Why do I want to take a meditation class at this time in my life?” 

When I asked that of myself, other questions came to mind:

  • “Will learning new forms of meditation more deeply connect me with my heart and be more aware of the Spirit or Self within?”
  • “How will it help me reduce the stress and inner conflict that builds up in my daily life.”
  • “How can I train my mind to be more consciously aware of interrupted thoughts when I’ve tried to meditate.”
  • “Will meditation prepare me for death?” This last question I asked myself is important because it is about confronting death. The Dali Lama says that at the time of death if one’s mind is concentrated enough we will not be pulled in all directions by fear and panic. This he says will be the gift of calmness and peace you give yourself as you die. In this deeper state that meditation teaches us we then may merge with the pure light energy.
  • So, as you decide whether this is the time to learn a deeper path of meditation consider these same questions for you.

praying mantisAre your answers to these the questions leading you to commit to learning a stronger meditation practice?

The meditation tools I provide will be to train our minds to release deep-seated patterns that arise from the brain’s electrical-chemical interactions. We will be working with the fundamental principles of intention, attention and focus as these are the foundation of meditation along with receptivity and awareness. Part of the practice is the importance of learning how to listen to your self.

Would you like to go deeper in your practice?

If you do, together we can create a strong intention of going deeper in our group practice. We will experience being in the flow of meditating the way the brain works.

The general intentions for this meditation class are to open to;

  1. The realization that your thoughts are creating tension in the mind and body and how you can reduce the tension.
  2. Experience that your body is not who you really are and find out who you are.
  3. Learn how to experience direct insights for your life.
  4. Experience consciously the difference between your expanded self and your constricted self.

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If you want to attend we will start with four sessions. The sessions will be four Thursday mornings Oct 25 to November 15 at 10:30 am to 11:45.

It is important to have my book Heal Your Mind Rewire Your Brain and the CD that goes with it. The CD is for your daily practice. The book will provide understanding for your practice. If you don’t have them you can order them on my website. For more information visit – Heal Your Mind Rewire Your Brain  or  to purchase, click on “Shop – MP3s”.

The heart of any spiritual teaching is the concept of receiving and giving. So I am asking for a donation at the end of each session.

If you are interested in the class please contact me either by email or phone for a conversation. If you are not interested in the meditation class at this time please send me an email that you will not be attending.

Timing and commitment are important elements of deepening a meditation practice. For those of you interested in the class I want to connect and provide more clarity to you about the class as I am asking for participation and commitment for all four sessions. At that conversation if you commit to the four session I will then send you directions to my meditation cottage.

Patt Lind-Kyle

530 478-9622

praying mantes

I like this quote from Sogyal Rinpoche, a Tibetan teacher, about training the mind.

“Training” the mind does not in any way mean forcibly subjugating or brainwashing the mind. To train the mind is first to directly and concretely know how the mind functions, a knowledge that you derive from spiritual teachings and through personal meditation practice. Then you use the understanding to tame the mind and work with it skillfully, to make it more pliable, so you can become a master of your mind and employ it to its fullest and most beneficial end.”