Guided meditation CDs for Heal Your Mind

Patt has released her new CD!


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Patt Lind KyleHi, I am Patt Lind-Kyle. Many of you have listened and worked with my two CD set of guided meditations that accompany my book,  Heal Your Mind, Rewire your Brain. After working with these guided meditations many people have requested to have just the music with the binaural beats of the four brain frequencies embedded in the music tracks in order to deepen their own practice. Well, we finally got it to you as instrumental music!

New CDFor those of you that have not used the two CD set you may find this CD a powerful and positive way to relax and open yourself more deeply to experience your four brain waves and to enter into your inner world.

This music has binaural beat pulsations in the background of each track to increase the effectiveness of your meditation and  relaxation. The binaural beats in the music will enhance your ability to move into each brain wave more easily and more deeply. The binaural beats help you relax your body, bringing focus and concentration to each meditation or quiet relaxation session. You can learn more about binaural beats at my website.

The four tracks of this CD give different mind state experiences:

  1. Beta – takes you into deep relaxation
  2.  Alpha widens your perception and increases concentration and memory.
  3. Theta – opens you up to your creativity and the place of wisdom within to find answers to life’s questions.
  4. Delta – takes you into that vast mystery of our existence and can bring you into oneness with Reality.

For more detailed information about each brain wave go to my book, Heal Your Mind, Rewire your Brain. Visit my website for  other information and resources.